You are beautiful!

In today’s beauty-conscious world, aesthetics have become something of an obsession. I was dieting and wearing make-up to school at the age of 11, and allowed myself to be fooled into believing that my level of happiness was directly proportionate to the quality of my appearance. I wasted my teens feeling miserable and self-conscious, instead of loving my body and using it as a tool to enjoy life. Interestingly, I didn’t hold other people to the same standards I set for myself. I was able to appreciate the beauty of everyone other than myself.

I want to appeal to all of you who are unhappy with your bodies or faces, who are living a half-life of discontent because you are striving to reach an unattainable goal. It sounds cliché, but beauty comes from within, and until you learn to love yourself as you look right now, no amount of physical change will bring peace.

Does the sunset need to be photoshopped in order to appear beautiful? Of course not. It is intrinsically beautiful because of the nature of what it is – an example of God’s glory and a product of His creativity. The same goes for your body. You are a breathing miracle, created by a living God. That makes you beautiful, regardless of your size, shape or features.

Why do I want to build muscle? To be strong and healthy. Why do I want a good body? To be a good advert for a healthy lifestyle and to have a tangible achievement to keep me motivated. Am I happy with myself throughout every transitional stage of my fitness journey? Absolutely. I am continually in awe of the complex and intricately designed body God has given me. I am past the days of looking in the mirror and saying “I hate my legs”. Instead I think, “Thank You Lord, for giving me a pair of perfectly designed, fully functioning legs. I will do my best to honour the gift by keeping them strong.”

So step back and take a moment to appreciate all of the wonderful things your body is doing for you every day. Thank it by taking care of it, and thank the God who created it.


4 responses to “You are beautiful!

  • Yvette

    This is so lovely 🙂 xxx

  • Michael Lindon

    This is true… but it is perhaps easier for you to say, now that you are married

    It is like a rich man telling a beggar “You do not want my money, money does not buy you happiness”

    This may indeed be true, yet the beggar still desires to reach a state of satisfaction

    • themalikwhey

      Hey Mike, thanks for your response. I appreciate your point and hope you will consider my long reply!

      If you don’t learn to be happy with yourself, no amount of love from anyone else (with the exception of God) will satisfy you. There are plenty of married women and men who’s partners love them unconditionally and find them attractive, and yet they still hate themselves. Conversely, there are many single people who are very happy with themselves and do not need validation from anybody else in order to mantain self-esteem. I have been married for over a year and for the most part of that year was unhappy with myself. Only now have I learned to accept myself as I am and appreciate what I have.

      Also, the beggar may still desire to reach a state of satisfaction, but it it not money that will bring him that. There are plenty of miserable rich people, and plenty of poor people who have joy. But happiness and joy are different things. Happiness is a circumstantial emotion. Joy is unconditional and is a product of salvation and a relationship with God, which is not based on circumstance. It is the reason so many believers have withstood terrible persecution and still kept faith.

      My self-acceptance has nothing to do with my marital status, and has everything to do with my relationship with God. When I feel unhappy with my body I ask myself who I am in Gods eyes: loved, forgiven, beautiful. When I consider that, it makes the matter of physical appearance seem very unimportant.
      Would you rather drink from a cup that’s dirty on the inside and clean on the outside, or clean on the inside and dirty on the outside? The inner state is more important, and it’s what’s inside the cup that has the potential to fill up and spill over into the lives of others. I fill that cup with the things of God rather than vanity, as it’s the things of God that I want to reach other people with.

      If our physical appearance was a representation of the condition of our hearts and spirits, how attractive would we be?

      1 Peter 3:3-5 (New International Version)
      “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful.”

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