Coconut Craziness

Well the sun is shining and I’m feeling great! I’m loving the world around me and contemplating how to play my part in bettering it. When I look to my left I can see the ocean, dark blue and calm, framed in the rich greens that cover the clifftop. I’m wearing a summer dress with no jersey, which marks the turn of the seasons! I’m glad to be alive.

I am currently on a low-carb program as I have been unable to train for the past few weeks due to a long bout of flu. This week I am going to be recording vocals for my upcoming album, Atlases & Astronauts, which means my days will be spent in the studio rather than the gym!

I’ve heard such mixed reviews about low-carb diets. One person says they’re the road to death, another says they increase vitality and prolong lifespan. I have come to the conclusion that a low-carb diet can be beneficial for some and not for others. The only way for me to find out which category I fall into is to try it! I’ve been doing it for 1 week now (10-15g carbs per day) and so far I feel great. If I stop feeling great, I stop the program. Simple as that!

So yesterday I started the day with some Coconut Crepes and then poured the leftover coconut milk into my coffee. I found a brand which totals about 2g carbs in the whole 400ml can.

Coconut Crepes

These are one of my favourite sweet low-carb concoctions. Makes 1 serving of about three or four crepes.


  • 3 whole eggs
  • 2 tbsp plain soya protein powder (or you could use a flavoured protein powder of your choice)
  • Pinch of baking powder
  • 4 tbsp coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp cold water
  • Β½ tsp banana essence (or to taste)
  • 1 tsp sugar-free pineapple cordial (Sweeto brand for me)
  • Sweetener such as Stevia to taste

  1. Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until light and increased in volume (you want lots of air to be whipped in – this will make the crepes light and fluffy).
  2. Spray a non-stick pan with cooking spray, or for a tastier alternative, melt some butter and spread until pan is coated. Heat pan to a medium temperature.
  3. Coat the base of the pan with a thin layer of the mixture (this can be easily achieved by tilting the pan and pouring the mixture from the top and moving the pan from side to side as the mixture runs down).
  4. When golden on the underside and easy to move, flip the crepe and cook for about 20 seconds on the other side.
  5. Repeat until all your mixture is used up and serve with your favourite topping (cottage cheese, peanut butter, sugar-free syrup, crème fraiche, etc)!

Have a great day!


4 responses to “Coconut Craziness

  • Michael Lindon

    I am for low carb diets πŸ™‚

    It was not my intention to lose weight, but for some reason during the first and second years at university I began eating only protein, vegetables and fruit (ok, some carbs there). I reasoned that carbs like pasta, bread and rice have a lot of calories for seemingly very little nutritional value. I thought the only thing they are good for is simply giving you energy i.e. calories. So how much healthier would it be to eat something nutritious, like oily fish and vegetables instead and get your energy from that? I fealt great doing it πŸ™‚ Although it did cause me to go down to 9 stone 2, which was quite low for me :/ After being on holiday and eating my mums food at home (carb-city) Im 10 stone 3 now. But when you only eat protein and healthy fats, there is a metabolic shift (look up ketogenesis πŸ™‚ ). Some people believe this has theraputic effects, in fact the ketogenic diet is a treatment for epilepsy and some people who began the ketogenic diet and stick to it have had no more symptoms of epilepsy =)

    point #2 Humans, for thousands of years, have not eaten bread/pasta etc, only meat (i.e. fish n hunted animals) veggies and fruits (berries n stuff), nuts etc. The so called Caveman diet. Was the human body designed to eat grains? I support the caveman diet πŸ™‚

    point #3 I believe a reduced calorie diet should in general lead to a longer life. The more calories one consumes, the higher one’s metabolism is and I believe this leads to a shorter life. Less calories, slow, ticking-over metabolism… body working less =) I know many old people (one man I know will be 100 this year, the other woman is 9X something) who have been through the war, hence lived on reduced rationed food intake, who are really old =)

    • themalikwhey

      Yeah, I’ve read up a lot about ketogenesis and believe that the science is sound. Makes sense that if your glycogen stores have been used up that your body will use fat stores for energy instead.

      I also have less cravings and feel less hungry when doing low-carb. Plus it’s easy to stick to when you can eat high fat foods like cheese and butter and olive oil. Saturated fat is only a problem if your diet is also high in carbs. If it’s low-carb then the fat gets used for energy rather than deposited in your arteries!

      I eat a lot of venison now (we buy a whole Springbuck at a time and have to skin it and butcher it ourselves!) which is lean and tastes good. I think that unrefined grains in small quantities can be beneficial but I don’t think they’re as essential as people suggest. I certainly don’t support the traditional “food pyramid” which says that the majority of your diet should be made up of starchy carbohydrates.

      But like I say, everyone’s different! Some people feel better on a vegetarian diet, and it would be much harder to be veggie and mantain a low-carb lifestyle. I’m so glad I’m not a veggie!

      • Michael Lindon


        However I am going to try being vegetarian for a week at uni. I got really sick of meat in germany, they ate so so much that it actually put me off and I started ordering salads and stuff when we went out. Will be hard though since as I relied on protein for energy for some time.. :/ I find beans and lentils an acceptable carb πŸ™‚ they are high in calories but they have good nutritional value and are in my eyes less processed than bread and pasta and stuff.

        Just picking up on what you said about not feeling as hungry when on low carb. I fealt exactly the same way and I think there is some science behind it which I believe was part of the basis for the atkins diet. Something like eating/tasting carbs causes a hormone/enzyme (can’t remember which, would think hormone) to be produced/released in the liver which makes you hungry. So if you don’t eat the carbs… don’t get hungry feeling ^^

  • themalikwhey

    It’s the insulin. The sudden surge in blood glucose levels after eating carbs (particularly sugars) causes the panreas to release a load of insulin, which tells your liver to store the excess glucose in your liver as glycogen. Next thing you know, you’re blood glucose is super low, and your body isn’t in a state of ketosis where it can be breaking down your triglycerides (stored body fat) for energy, so you end up hungry and craving more sugar to get those energy levels up again.

    If you’re always submitting your body to loads of insulin, you can become resistant to it, which is troubling for the organs which require it for glucose uptake. The resulting ailment is Type 2 Diabetes.

    But I’m sure you know all this already! I suppose the above information is for the benefit of others who might be reading this.

    Atkins also claimed that the diet has been found to aleviate depression, fatigue and a whole load of other problems in some test subjects.

    Again, everyone’s different, blah blah. I don’t wish to prescribe to anyone how they should eat.

    I love beans and lentils – you can even mash them up and put them in baked goods (google “black bean brownies” and “chickpea blondies”!). Have you tried sprouting them for extra nutritional benefits?

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