Low blood pressure and car trouble

What a day!


I had planned to do my Pilates session this afternoon, but it didn’t quite work out…


I woke up at 6am, ate a quick breakfast of 2 slices of apple & cinnamon bread topped with peanut butter, and then headed into town with Cuan to drop our van off for diagnosis (she’s not been feeling very well). We then walked to Chaplin’s (our favourite coffee shop) for a much-needed caffeine-fix. I did some work on my laptop whilst waiting for the car. We didn’t end up getting the van back till 15:30! Then as we were driving home, she gave out again. We made it to the in-laws’, where Cuan has been slaving to fix her ever since. It is now after 9pm!


To cut a long story short, I was not able to do Pilates today. But no sweat (quite literally)… I’ll do it tomorrow.


After a trip to the doctor this week, I discovered that I STILL have low blood pressure, despite eating salt for South Africa. It’s actually even lower than last time. The first reading gave 82/49, and the second showed +-100/50 (can’t remember the top figure exactly). This is quietly likely the cause of my persistent fatigue and dizzy spells. Anyone know any healthy, natural ways to raise blood pressure? I’ve heard liquorice is a good one, but not sure if that’s just a myth!


No exciting food news or recipes to post today. But I am making it my mission this week to create some kind of homemade protein/snack bar.






2 responses to “Low blood pressure and car trouble

  • valgal123

    I used to have low blood pressure, now its too high from stress. I don’t know how to raise it, I was told to just eat more and use salt. I hope you get control over it soon!

    • themalikwhey

      Thank you! I have increased my salt intake and have also started taking a homeopathic treatment called “Angio”, so I’ll see how that goes! Hope your stress decreases and that your blood pressure gets back to normal 🙂

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