If I had a boat(meal)…

Monday marked the return of weight-training to my exercise routine. I forgot how much I DON’T enjoy the actual workouts themselves! But the feeling afterwards is unbeatable. I love knowing that I have taken an active step towards getting stronger, and I enjoy that sore feeling the next day because then I know that I’ve pushed myself.

Yesterday morning I made Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake (or “Boatmeal,” as she sometimes likes to refer to her Baked Oatmeal treats!).  This was super tasty – warm, squidgy and buttery, with a nice crunchy crust on top.

It even looks like a boat...

I pretty much followed her recipe, the only differences being the following:

  • I used a mixture of cacao nibs and chopped almonds instead of chocolate chips
  • I used pear sauce instead of apple sauce (just canned pears blended till smooth)

In terms of the “optional” aspects of the recipe:

  • Like Katie, I omitted the sweetener, as the pear sauce gave it enough sweetness for my taste
  • For the liquid, I used water
  • I included the ½ tsp cinnamon
  • For the fat, I used 1 tbsp melted butter (the real stuff – I’m not scared of it)

I sprinkled it with more cinnamon before baking and then topped with a tbsp coconut butter (small amounts of coconut seem not to be bothering me, so I am enjoying about a tbsp of coconut butter a day).

That’s all I’m telling – if you want the rest of the recipe you will have to go to the original source – www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com

Despite a successful breakfast, this morning wasn’t all plain-sailing. After taking the “Boatmeal” carefully out of the oven, I then proceeded to burn two of my left-hand fingers on the dish. Burning the fingertips of your left hand is NOT a good plan when you play guitar for a living. Luckily, the skin on those fingers is fairly tough, due to the guitar-playing. I decided to try a trick I learned from my step-mum – don’t run the burns under cold water, but rather warm/almost hot water. Though it gives instant relief, using cold water will cause your body to send more heat to the area, making it worse in the long run. Warm/hot water will have the opposite effect (just be sensible and don’t use scalding water). It really worked! There is a slight heightened sensitivity, but that’s all. There is no blistering, and the eye would never know that a burn ever occurred.

In other news, look who we found in the garden today:


I named him Jethro


I was NOT happy to have to put him back into the wild. Such a sweet little thing. We could’ve been great friends.


By the way, the album launch was amazingly successful! I will fill you in later on in the week.


Much love,



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